Abe's Restaurant strives to provide a place to have a great gluten-free meal that isn't just another boring salad! We have friends who are celiac and many of us also eat a gluten-free diet by choice. Uber-aware of the limitations out there for good gluten-free food, we welcome the challenge to offer most of our menu to you and your family and as an uncompromised gluten-free option. Thank you!


Gluten-Free Bread:

Abe's is proud to carry gluten-free buns from Care Bakery in Calgary. These buns can be substituted in any of our burgers and sandwiches upon request. We always isolate the bun during preparation to make sure anyone with gluten allergies can be confident of zero cross-contamination. And we are an open kitchen, so you can watch us to make sure!


Beef & Chicken:

All of our beef, steak, bacon and chicken products are prepared in-house from raw. There are no wheat additives in any of our beef patties, chicken salad, BBQ chicken, bacon bits or skirt steak.


vegan patty:

Abe's has teamed up with the fine folks at People Food and are serving their fantastic product, the Know-Meat Patty. This product is a gluten-free, celiac-friendly, vegan and casein-free veggie burger. Simply the best darned vegetarian patty out there. More info here: http://peoplefood.ca/about-people-food/



Abe's uses "Only Oats" in its Bison Burger. This company is one of the few that is certified organic gluten-free and celiac-friendly. (http://avenafoods.com). Feel free to ask to see the Only Oats package before ordering the Bison Burger.



Abe's makes all attempts to make every soup gluten-free whenever possible. All gluten products like noodles or croutons are always added to order so the actual soup does not contain any gluten. Please confirm with the server that the soup is gluten-free before ordering.


French Fries:

Our fries are fresh-cut in-house and are not seasoned with any gluten products.  Also, we practice having a gluten-free fryer that products like onion rings and deep-fried pickles do not enter. Always advise us of a serious allergy or celiac disease before ordering so we can confirm that a gluten-free deep fryer is indeed intact.


Yam Fries:

We purchase our yam fries and the ingredients do not list any gluten, whey protein or wheat products of any kind. While we can't guarantee gluten-free since we don't prepare them in-house, they seem to be a trustworthy product that many celiac customers have had no bad reactions to.


Dressings and Sauces:

All of our salad dressings, sandwich & burger sauces are made in-house and contain zero gluten or wheat products.

Salads:  Honey-bacon dressing, Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing, Lime-Chipotle Caesar dressing.

Sauces: Smoky Mayo, Abe's Sauce (Big Lion Burger), Spicy Mayo, Cranberry aioli, truffle mayo.


Custom Orders:

Talk to us! If you have concerns or special requests, we'll do what we can to accommodate. We are sensitive to gluten-free requests and consider our little restaurant to be a leader in providing a safe food atmosphere for all celiac and gluten allergies.